Welcome to HeliosVR platform!
3D Models Repository

Database with
web interfaces
for 3D models management
Authoring tool
for VR applications

An authoring tool for
VR applications in Unity3D
format without programming
Management tool
for Digital Labels

Authoring tool for
Digital Labels
with 3D data

VR Authoring process

1. Make new project2. Add your own asset3. Compile and play


Submit content without the need of programming
Allow museologists to manage content without the help of a programmer
4 Languages
Support text in English, Greek, Spanish, French
3D models viewer for the visitors
The visitors can interact via the touch screen with the 3D model to perform rotation and zooming to see the model from all angles
Video and Photos
Museologists can attach photos and videos to the artifact
Change Fonts type and size
The Museologists can adjust font-type and colors with respect the museum aesthetics.
The visitors can adjust font-size for better accessibility given vision problems.
HeliosVR platform has many roles!
Can deal with the saving and management of multimedia content including 3D models providing a List with all models and forms to submit and view contents
Sample here
The creation of virtual tours through a 3D editor and its interconnection with Unity3D platform for compiling
Sample here
The “Digital Labels Platform” is a platform for the management of tablets in exhibition spaces in order to show multimedia material such as 3D models, video, images, and text in different languages, under the artifacts’ displays. Android tablets are supported which are transformed with our platform in Digital Labels! The platform allows to the museologists-archaeologists in a local network or via internet (if wished), the targeted multimedia material that will appear in a tablet. The application is simply a WordPress plugin and an Android Webview Wrapper that locks the tablet with a password (COSU application) in order to shown only the certain application. The number of tablets is infinite big, at least 100 tablets per installation.
Sample here


Best 16 applications
from H2020 research framework

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(HeliosVR previous name was FastAR)
3rd Place in Tap2Open
competition for culture

See presentation here